south ocast asbestos consulting

South Coast Asbestos Consulting (SCAC) provides licenced asbestos assessor and hygiene services to the NSW lower south coast.

Loose-Fill Asbestos Insulation

(LFAI – “Mr Fluffy”)

“Mr Fluffy” was the trading name for a Canberra based insulation installer who operated throughout the 1960-70’s. Based in the ACT, he imported raw amosite (brown asbestos) from South Africa installing it in roof spaces throughout the ACT and surrounding areas. Asbestos in this highly friable form and location is extremely hazardous with high potential to create airborne fibres.

Since 2014 SCAC has been working closely with Worksafe NSW and NSW Dept Fair Trading on a government led program to identify properties containing LFAI. SCAC has inspected over 2500 properties throughout southeastern NSW, identifying two properties containing LFAI (Queanbeyan & Tumbarumba). In all, over 80 000 properties in NSW have been inspected and 143 have been confirmed as containing LFAI. In the ACT just over 1000 properties were found to contain LFAI most of which have now been demolished. Further information about the program can been found on the NSW Fair Trading website The program offering free inspections to householders of properties built prior to 1980 has now concluded.

Whilst the likelihood of any given property containing LFAI is low it cannot be discounted without a thorough inspection. If present, the material may be located beneath more recently installed insulation or batts and therefore not readily apparent. If you suspect possible LFAI may be present in your roof space, want to organise a pre-purchase inspection or are looking for peace of mind, SCAC can inspect your property and collect samples of insulation / dust for laboratory confirmation. A written report detailing findings is provided.

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